Graduate Student Recruitment

The Department of Social and Preventive Epidemiology is actively seeking graduate students with a keen interest in nutritional epidemiology and behavioural nutrition. We are open to applications from students not only at the University of Tokyo but also from other universities and graduate schools both in Japan and internationally.

【Recruitment Requirements】
Academic requirements: Our department only accepts master's and doctoral students. Undergraduate students are required to pass an entrance examination to join the Department of Public Health Medicine (a 2-year program) at the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo. Additionally, individuals with master's or doctoral degrees in other fields are encouraged to pursue a Master of Public Health in our department, which will further enhance their knowledge and skills in public health. For more information, please visit the Department of Public Health Medicine website ( Please note that we generally do not accept research students.

Passion for Research: We are searching for candidates who demonstrate a profound interest and enthusiasm for research in nutritional epidemiology and behavioral nutrition. We welcome those who are driven to make significant contributions to the field of public health.

Submission of a Research Plan: Candidates are required to submit a comprehensive research plan outlining their research objectives and methodologies, to evaluate their dedication and expertise in the field.

Language Skills: Proficiency in reading and writing academic papers in English is mandatory. English language proficiency for international academic communication is highly desirable.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact